Oliver missed by Scioscia, Angels

Oliver missed by Scioscia, Angels

ARLINGTON -- Darren Oliver will be facing the Angels for the first time this week after spending the past three years in their bullpen. Angels manager Mike Scioscia admitted that they miss Oliver's services as their left-handed reliever.

"I think of all the guys as we've gotten off to a rough start and people talk about the guys that are missing, probably the guy that's as important as anything and gets the least amount of talk is D.O.," Scioscia said. "He was very, very important to our bullpen, filled a variety of roles. And I think he's obviously having a great start with Texas, he's definitely a guy who has left some footprints in our bullpen that we're trying to fill."

Oliver has a 1.93 ERA over his first 18 games in his third tour with the Rangers. Oliver was with the Rangers in 1993-98 and again in 2000-01. Both times the they traded him away, once to the Cardinals in 1998 and again to the Red Sox after the 2001 season.

"I can't say bad anything about the Angels," Oliver said. "I enjoyed my time with them. It's part of the game. The first time I got traded I was bitter but now I've been around and I know how it works.

"If I was bitter, I wouldn't be here for the third time. Never burn bridges because you don't know what life will throw at you."