Rangers pitchers perfecting bunting skills

Rangers pitchers perfecting bunting skills

ARLINGTON -- The Rangers' pitching staff began working on their bunting prior to Saturday's game, now that Interleague Play has begun.

Rangers starting pitcher Scott Feldman said he hit one into the bullpen in right field, but called it "a little bit wind-aided."

"I actually slammed my bat down when I hit it because I thought it was a popup," Feldman said, laughing. "It just kind of showed my bat speed, I guess. It wasn't too bad."

Despite trying to knock it out of the park, Feldman made sure he focused on the task at hand in being able to lay down a sacrifice.

"I was mainly just worried about getting the bunts down, because I don't want to get pulled in the fifth inning because I can't get a bunt down," Feldman said. "So that's what I'm working on the most."

Second baseman Ian Kinsler doesn't expect too many of the pitchers to ask him questions on their approach at the plate.

"Nope. They haven't. And they probably won't because they all think they can hit," Kinsler said. "[Pitcher C.J. Wilson] has got a really good swing. He did it for a while."