Rangers' everyday lineup in for day game

Rangers' everyday lineup in for day game

ARLINGTON -- With three off-days in the next eight days, the Rangers sent up their everyday lineup in Sunday's finale against the Cubs.

Manager Ron Washington tried to get some players some days off, but came up empty-handed.

"I went around yesterday trying to give some guys a day off, but they said they've got tomorrow off," Washington said. "They're trying to finish off this homestand."

Among those players is outfielder Josh Hamilton, who started the finale despite hitting .233 lifetime in day games with 99 strikeouts and 38 walks.

But Washington never had any intention of giving him a day off.

"It was a suggestion to me. It wasn't a thought in my mind," Washington said. "He's in there today. I know what the numbers say, but today might be the day Hamilton breaks out of that."

Hamilton will get plenty of opportunities to break out of his day struggles this week. Beginning Sunday, the Rangers play three of their next five games during the day.