Griffey made quite a splash vs. Rangers

Griffey made quite a splash vs. Rangers

CHICAGO -- If there was an all-time All-Rangers opponent team, outfielder Ken Griffey Jr. would undoubtedly be on there.

Griffey played in 145 games against Texas, hitting .312 with 97 runs scored, 34 home runs and 115 RBIs. He had a .406 on-base percentage and a .575 slugging percentage against the Rangers, and Griffey is tied for the seventh-most home runs and eighth for most RBIs against them.

His 1.099 OPS at Rangers Ballpark is also the fourth highest for a player with at least 100 at-bats in Arlington. Griffey had a .470 on-base percentage there, and a .629 slugging. Don't forget his defense and the great catches he made to take home runs and extra-base hits away from Ruben Sierra, Juan Gonzalez and others.

Griffey's retirement ended the career of one of the Rangers' most feared and respected opponents ever in franchise history.

"I'm going to try and get ahold of him and congratulate him on an incredible career," third baseman Michael Young said. "In this generation, half the guys in the big leagues, Ken Griffey was their favorite player growing up. Everybody recognizes his greatness. He was baseball royalty. To be able to compete on the same field with him is an honor I'll never forget.

"I won't remember him as a DH. I'll remember him as the Mariners' center fielder who hit 56 home runs a year and made all those great catches in the Kingdome."

Rangers center fielder Julio Borbon was among those who counted Griffey as his favorite player growing up.

"I tried to imitate everything he did," Borbon said. "I was lucky to play against him. I met him in Spring Training back in '08 ... my first year in big league camp. We talked in the outfield before a night game in Peoria. I actually got an autographed jersey. He will always be my favorite player."