Washington expounds on latest ejection

Washington expounds on latest ejection

ARLINGTON -- Rangers manager Ron Washington said he is expecting a fine after being ejected for the third time this season Friday night against the Rays.

Washington was ejected for arguing with second-base umpire Chris Guccione in the eighth inning after Julio Borbon was thrown out trying to steal second base.

"I'm going to get fined," Washington said. "The one I got fined in Oakland was $500. This one, because it's the second time, it might go up to $750 because it's the second time. I don't know. I think every time you get fined, it's jacked up."

Washington had also been ejected on May 3 against the Athletics after Eric Chavez was ruled safe at first with Rich Harden covering. Washington argued the call, thinking Harden had beaten Chavez while keeping his foot on the bag. He had also been ejected against the Mariners for arguing balls and strikes.

Washington said he was ejected by Guccione for not necessarily arguing the call itself, but the words that were shared during the exchange.

"He just said something I didn't like, and I said something he didn't like," Washington said. "If he would have let me finish what I had to say and accept my little argument, I'd have walked off the field. But he said something and I said something, and he threw me [out].

"I wish he wouldn't have because I could have kept some money in my pocket."

Washington is still able to have a good laugh about it, though.

"I was just asking him how long he'd been in Texas and what restaurants he'd gone to," Washington said.

The Rangers are 3-0 this season when Washington is ejected. But that doesn't change the fact that he doesn't like to be told to leave a game.

"I don't like to get ejected. I don't like it," Washington said. "When you get dismissed, that's what hurts. You don't dismiss me, I'm gone anyway. I'm going to go back to the dugout. But he dismissed me."