Fatigue may be factor in Andrus' struggles

Fatigue may be factor in Andrus' struggles

ARLINGTON -- Manager Ron Washington said fatigue could be the reason that shortstop Elvis Andrus has made an error in the last three games he's played in. That after having only six errors in the previous 51 games he started.

"He's tired," Washington said. "That's why I gave him a day off [on Monday]. He'll pick it up. Those are balls Elvis doesn't mess up. Maybe it's a sign of fatigue."

Andrus made a throwing error in Tuesday's 7-1 victory over Seattle after having the night off. He dropped a popup on Sunday and had a fielding error on Saturday.

Andrus had an easy explanation for Tuesday's poor throw.

"I didn't throw the ball," Andrus said. "I didn't move my feet. I feel good after the day off. I reloaded my body."

Washington said he has had a few conversations with Andrus about his recent defensive struggles, but none of the scolding variety that he used during last season with the rookie shortstop. "He's growing up," Washington said. "I don't have to ride him like I did his rookie year."