Ankle sidelines Kinsler in finale

Ankle sidelines Kinsler in finale

MILWAUKEE -- Ian Kinsler belted a line drive to right-center field in the first inning of Saturday's game against the Brewers. It fell for a hit ... but only a single.

"That was a double," Kinsler said. "I just couldn't get out of the box like I normally do."

The problem is his right ankle. He suffered a high ankle sprain in Spring Training and is still not 100 percent. He's not sure if he'll ever be this season.

"I can't think of any treatment that will affect it short-term or long-term," Kinsler said. "It's just something that needs rest. I don't know if two days will help or three days will help."

Kinsler is getting two days off. He was out of the lineup on Sunday with Andres Blanco at second base. The Rangers are off on Monday, so Kinsler gets back-to-back days before Tuesday's game with the Marlins. Kinsler likes to talk his way into the lineup when manager Ron Washington wants to give him a day off, but Washington insisted he wasn't budging on Sunday.

"I just want to give him a day," Washington said. "Today is the perfect day. This way he gets two days and can come back Tuesday good and rejuvenated."

Kinsler, going into Sunday's game, has six hits in his past 15 at-bats but is still hitting .216 over his past 19 games. He also has one RBI in his last 11 games.

The biggest problem is still the ankle. Kinsler has four stolen bases in 40 games while being caught three times. He had 31 stolen bases last year and was caught five times. He entered the season with the highest success rate on stolen bases (91-for-104, 87.5 percent) in Rangers history. He is not the same this year.

"I'm just grinding," Kinsler said. "I'm just working, staying with what I know and grinding through it. The whole thing is getting out of the batter's box. Once I'm on the bases, I feel like I'm at top speed. Defense is all right because I can move around and stay loose. But stealing bases and getting out of the box is the biggest thing."