Rangers relievers beat the heat in Miami

Rangers relievers beat the heat in Miami

MIAMI -- The temperature was 91 degrees at 3:30 p.m. ET on Wednesday at Sun Life Stadium. The heat index was 100 degrees.

So what were the Rangers' relievers doing running pass routes and throwing a football around in the outfield 3 1/2 hours before their game with the Marlins?

"That's our running," veteran reliever Darren Oliver said. "You play out there, you have to run out there. We'll have time to cool down. It's camaraderie ... togetherness."

So who is the best receiver out there?

"I'll tell you who the most improved player is -- Alexi Ogando," Oliver said. "He just figured it out."

And the best quarterback?

"Good question," Oliver said.

"Not me," said Frank Francisco.

"Frankie has the best NFL body ... to be a linebacker," Oliver said.

"I'll knock you down," Francisco said.

What about Oliver as the quarterback?

"Too old," Oliver said. "I'm slow. I can't run. I have slow feet. That's why I'm a pitcher."