GM Daniels isn't worried about ownership

GM Daniels isn't worried about ownership

ARLINGTON -- Rangers general manager Jon Daniels said he is not worried about the upcoming Trade Deadline despite the team's ownership still being in limbo.

The Rangers went to bankruptcy court again on Tuesday and left without any resolution and no assurances that the sale of the team will be completed before the July 31 non-waiver Trade Deadline.

"It hasn't changed how we're approaching it. We know for sure that we have a good club, and we've got some other options in our system should we need to call on them," Daniels said. "We have the ability to operate normally within our budget, which has always been the case. Beyond that, everything else is out of our control."

The Rangers have reportedly expressed interest in adding another starting pitcher, and Daniels thinks that ownership can still accomplish that, if it feels that it should be done.

"We can operate within our budget that was set last fall," Daniels said. "We went into the offseason and this season with the expectation that we were going to be a good club and may want or need to add some ability to upgrade the club. Nothing has changed in that regard."

Daniels also hasn't wavered on the Rangers' approach to the Deadline.

"We're going to approach the Trade Deadline from this standpoint: we like our club a lot. There are scenarios that we could look to improve internally or from the trade market," Daniels said. "It's too early to have a full picture on what that means in players, dollars, etc. We'll adjust and go through the process, but our guys out there are doing their work and we'll adjust it when we need to."