Washington won't slow Andrus down

Washington won't slow Andrus down

ARLINGTON -- All-star shortstop Elvis Andrus leads the American League having been caught stealing 10 times, and he went into Sunday's game being thrown out on the bases in back-to-back games.

But Andrus, who had 21 stolen bases (eighth best in the AL) entering Sunday's game, still has the green light, manager Ron Washington said.

"He's out there on his own," Washington said. "When I don't want him to run, I stop him. But the decisions he makes are his decisions."

Andrus was caught in a rundown between first and second base and tagged out in Saturday's game, but Washington said that was more a product of the Rangers' preaching an aggressive style on the bases.

Andrus broke on a ball on the dirt, as he's been taught to do, but White Sox catcher A.J. Pierzynski made a clean pick and Andrus was a dead duck on the bases. Washington said the Rangers have made it to second base eight times this season on pitches in the dirt.

"If [A.J.] doesn't pick it clean, he's there," Washington said. "So [A.J.] was in rhythm. We want our guys to be aggressive."

Washington said he wants Andrus to play with an aggressive mindset, but to learn to pick his spots.

"He's a very aggressive kid," Washington said. "I'm not going to take that from him, so you might see some more mistakes. But he's 21- or 22-years old. When he becomes 24 or 25, you might see a smarter kid."