Cruz shaken up by thought of falling fan

Cruz shaken up by thought of falling fan

ARLINGTON -- Rangers outfielder Nelson Cruz had trouble shaking the image of the fan that fell from the upper deck during Tuesday night's game against the Indians.

Cruz was at the plate when his foul ball landed in section 235 of the mezzanine level at Rangers Ballpark in Arlington. That's when Tyler Morris, a Rangers fan from Crawford, Texas, lost his balance before falling 30 feet into the lower bowl.

"Even if it wasn't my fault, I hoped nothing bad had happened, because I'm the one who hit the foul ball," Cruz said. "It was in the back of my mind. I just thank God everything is good."

Morris was in "good spirits" when Rangers president Nolan Ryan visited him in the hospital on Tuesday, despite suffering a fractured skull and ankle.

"They told me this morning he was alright," Cruz said. "Thank God it was nothing worse. Hopefully he'll get to feeling better."

Cruz goes through similar situations in every at-bat much like all players. When foul balls are hit hard into the crowd, he said it's difficult to watch. But Tuesday's incident was one he couldn't look away from.

"Sometimes we look. If it's hard, you don't like to look and just find out what happened," Cruz said. "In that situation, he fell, so you've got to look. I saw him going down. It was one of those moments where you can't do anything. You put your head down and hope everything is alright."

Cruz said he put his head down, but still looked up in time to see the fall. It's an image he says he can't shake.

"It's been in my mind," Cruz said. "When I think about it, I see him fall down. I thought it was going to be worse."

Thankfully for Morris, the incident wasn't any worse than it was, and that has helped ease Cruz's mind. He said it was difficult to play Tuesday until he received word that Morris was moving.

"After I found out he was moving every part of his body and was talking, it was kind of more relaxing for me," Cruz said.