Cruz still trying to find his timing at the plate

Cruz still trying to find his timing at the plate

ARLINGTON -- Rangers outfielder Nelson Cruz was given another day off on Saturday against the Orioles, and Rangers manager Ron Washington still isn't happy with his performance at the plate. Cruz is hitting just .207 (6-for-29) with two RBIs on this homestand.

"I don't really know. I just know his timing is bad," Washington said. "Some at-bats you see him have good timing, and most at-bats you don't see him have good timing. He's still fighting that timing thing."

But Washington doesn't thing Cruz's once-injured hamstring -- which placed him on the disabled list twice this season -- is a reason behind his offensive struggles.

"He's running well, so I don't see where the hamstring is into play," Washington said. "He's running well. It's just a matter of timing."

Washington knows that despite how he may look in the cage, Cruz has to translate it into the game, which he hasn't had much success with recently.

"I can take you in the cage and simulate everything correct," Washington said. "It's just making adjustments from the side work to live. Because now you have to adjust to the speeds. You have to adjust to the location ... you have to adjust to movement."

David Murphy took Cruz's place in the lineup and Washington hopes Cruz will continue to work his way back to consistent offensive production.

"Some of us come back early and are able to catch back on and some of us have to fight our way back," Washington said. "He's in that mode where he's going to have to fight his way through it."