Young not bothered by All-Star snub

Young not bothered by All-Star snub

BOSTON -- When American League manager Joe Girardi inadvertently announced Monday morning that Michael Young was replacing Red Sox third baseman Adrian Beltre on the All-Star roster, there was one person who didn't believe it.

"I didn't believe it for a minute," Young said. "First of all, I don't believe everything I read. I started getting congratulatory text messages, but I didn't miss one phone call."

Beltre played in the game despite dealing with a hamstring injury. Young said Phyllis Merhige, a vice president with Major League Baseball, would have called him with the news rather than him hearing it on television.

"I've known Phyllis for a long time and she's on top of everything," Young said. "I knew if I was on the team, she would have called. She called and apologized and Joe called to apologize. I told them both there was no need to call, but I appreciated the phone call.

"She said that Beltre wanted to test the hamstring and he deserves that right. He's having a great year. I don't want somebody to get hurt so I can make the team. Everything is fine. I got my rest, hung out with my boys and I'm ready to go for the second half."