Vlad gets first career start in left field

Vlad gets first career start in left field

BOSTON -- Vladimir Guerrero made his debut as a left fielder on Sunday afternoon against the Red Sox at Fenway Park.

Manager Ron Washington wanted to give Hamilton a semi-day off by using him as designated hitter and he did not want to take Nelson Cruz out of right field. So Guerrero played left field for the first time since 1994 when he was playing for the Gulf Coast League Expos.

"This was planned," Washington said. "Vlad got some work out there [Saturday], so he's all for it."

Left field at Fenway is one of the smallest fields to cover in the American League, but the Green Monster wall behind it can make it a tricky place to play. There is also almost no foul territory down the left-field line.

But the Rangers haven't been afraid of using different people to play left field here. Mark Teixeira started out there in 2003 and Washington once used German Duran as his left fielder at Fenway. Guerrero did play left field in two All-Star Games: 2000 in Seattle and '06 in Pittsburgh.

"Vlad is a good athlete, he'll be all right," Washington said. "I'm not trying to create nostalgia, I just want to give Josh a day off his feet."