Hamilton's homers help Hunter along

Hamilton's homers help Hunter along

DETROIT -- One reason why Tommy Hunter is 7-0 after nine starts? Josh Hamilton keeps going deep for him.

Hamilton's ninth-inning home run in Tuesday's game marked the seventh time he has hit a home run in a game started by Hunter. He has 16 home runs for the rest of the rotation.

"I like the kid," Hamilton said. "I hope it doesn't stop, but it's not like I don't try to do it with the other pitchers."

In two Hunter starts when Hamilton has not homered, the outfielder is 4-for-7 with three doubles, two runs and an RBI. Hamilton is also hitting .440 with 14 home runs and 42 RBIs in his last 43 games going back to June 1. That was the day the Rangers decided to call Hunter up, who made his first start on June 5. Hamilton has been on a tear since then.

"He's awesome," Hunter said. "He's a joke, he really is. He's on a tear and it's fun to watch. I'm glad I'm sitting in his dugout and don't have to face him. It's awesome, it really is. He's a good guy to count on."