Judge: Bankruptcy won't interfere with play

Judge: Bankruptcy won't interfere with play

ARLINGTON -- Rangers manager Ron Washington testified in bankruptcy court Thursday and left with a positive message from Judge Michael D. Lynn.

"He just wanted to let me know to keep those guys focused on the field," Washington said of Lynn's message. "He's not going to let this bankruptcy thing interfere with what we have to do on the field. I thought that was outstanding."

Washington said he wasn't nervous about testifying, noting that he wasn't there to talk bankruptcy or numbers.

"He told me he was going to ask baseball questions, and I can deal with baseball questions," Washington said. "If he was going to ask me anything, it was going to be about baseball."

But there were no questions for Washington. Only a message to deliver to the Rangers, who lead the American League West and began a pivotal four-game series with the division-rival Angels on Thursday at the Ballpark in Arlington.

"He just told me to make sure that I let those guys know that he will not let this bankruptcy interfere with what we've done on the field," Washington said. "He wanted them to know, but he wanted to tell me personally so I could deliver the message."

It was something that Washington said he appreciated.

"He didn't have to involve me," Washington said. "He took the time to involve me. That meant a lot."