Washington not worried about Vlad's slump

Washington not worried about Vlad's slump

ARLINGTON -- Rangers manager Ron Washington isn't concerned about his designated hitter's recent slump.

Vladimir Guerrero is just 1-for-11 (.090) with a double and a run scored so far during this homestand and he's hitless in his last eight at-bats.

"It happens. It happens to every ballplayer going across a full season," Washington said. "Vlad is a great player, but he's only human. He'll work his way out of this. Vlad is so mentally strong he'll figure out a way to come out of it."

But Washington doesn't think it's anything that surprises Guerrero.

"Pitches he had been hitting, he's missing them now, not squaring them up," Washington said. "When guys like him starting doing that, you know he's a little fatigued. He'll play through it. He's been through it before and it's not a surprise to him."

According to Washington, Guerrero's been slow on most of the pitches he's seen, but understands that he's just one swing away from breaking out of his recent funk.

"When you're slumping, you're slow on everything," Washington said. "You don't react to the offspeed, your contact point isn't where you'd like it on fastballs. Everything is out of whack.

"But all it takes is one pitch and good contact and all of that is forgotten," he continued. "As soon as he squares one ball up he'll be rolling."