Rent to own? Texas could bring back Molina

Rent to own? Texas could bring back Molina

ANAHEIM -- Rangers catcher Bengie Molina may end up being more than a rental player.

By trading Jarrod Saltalamacchia to Boston, the Rangers have increased the chances of Molina returning in 2011. Right now the Rangers' catching situation for next year is wide open and general manager Jon Daniels said that the club is open to bringing Molina back next season.

"That would be a great thing," Molina said. "Being a guy in the league for so long and knowing how things are in the market, for those guys to want me back would be an honor for me. It's awesome if they want me back.

"But it's too early to talk about anything. At some point we have to talk about what we're going to do next year but not yet. Let's see how it plays out."

Molina, who is 36 and in his 13th season, said he still wants to keep playing regardless of who he is with next season.

"I feel pretty good," Molina said. "It's toward the end of the season and I feel pretty good. I feel I can play one or two more seasons and retire after that."

The Rangers acquired Molina from the Giants on July 1 in a trade for reliever Chris Ray and Minor League pitcher Michael Main.

Trading Saltalamacchia also moves Taylor Teagarden into the position of being the Rangers' "official" catcher of the future if he can seize the job. He was in the lineup on Sunday against the Angels. The Rangers like his defense, but Teagarden still must show he can hit at the big league level.

"This gives me a better opportunity going into next season," Teagarden said. "I feel like I have more confidence in myself from a team standpoint. When I first got called up [in 2008], things were pretty much going in that direction. The last few years I wouldn't say I've played up to my capability but I know it's there and I feel there are a lot of people who have a lot more confidence in me."