Daniels wants to maintain staff continuity

Daniels wants to maintain staff continuity

When the Rangers' new ownership group takes over next week, much focus will be on how much the club will be able to spend on payroll. People will want to know if the Rangers can re-sign Cliff Lee and whether they can be big players in the free agent market.

General manager Jon Daniels acknowledged that's important and a luxury they haven't had in the past few years.

"I think the biggest impact going forward will be the flexibility and creativity to consider some things we haven't been able to in the past," Daniels said.

But, equally important to Daniels is being able to keep together the people that helped rebuild the Rangers, from his front office staff to the Major League coaching staff, the Minor League development people and the scouts who went out and found the talent. A team in financial distress is always in imminent jeopardy of being raided by other teams.

Managing partner Chuck Greenberg and club president Nolan Ryan are committed to preventing that from happening.

"They believe in attracting the right people, treating them well and keeping them in the organization," Daniels said. "The front office staff, the scouts, the coaches, that's critical. You've got to have talented players naturally, but you have to have the people to find them and develop them. What we were able to do as far as adding players this season is a tremendous credit to our scouting and player development people.

"The better an organization does, the more opportunities they have elsewhere and it's critical to keep them in the organization. The bottom line is [the ownership change] is big for a lot."