MRI on horizon for Kinsler, who feels 'great'

MRI on horizon for Kinsler, who feels 'great'

BALTIMORE -- Injured second baseman Ian Kinsler reported no ill effects from a stationary workout Friday.

"I feel great," said Kinsler, who has been on the 15-day disabled list since July 29 with a left groin strain. "No problems, feeling good."

Washington had Kinsler working out before Friday's game, fielding ground balls from a crouching position. The drills were designed to gauge how strong Kinsler's lower extremities were after an extended layoff.

Kinsler won't undergo any similar workouts for the remainder of the weekend in Baltimore, said Washington. The most Kinsler will do is field some ground balls and shovel tosses to second base in advance of an MRI exam scheduled for Monday in Texas.

"He says he has no soreness, but the big test comes when we get back to Texas," Washington said.