Harden-Treanor tandem works well

Harden-Treanor tandem works well

ARLINGTON -- Matt Treanor and Rich Harden were paired in a start last week in Oklahoma City while both were on medical rehabilitation assignment. They worked well together on some things, and that's why Harden requested that Treanor catch him on Monday night.

Harden ended up throwing 6 2/3 no-hit innings in a 4-0 combined one-hitter over the Twins at the Ballpark in Arlington.

"I didn't think about it," manager Ron Washington said. "He just asked [for Treanor] and I just did it. If this will make Rich pitch good, he's got Treanor. But I'm not going to let all these pitchers tell me they want certain catchers. That isn't going to work."

Monday was Treanor's first game after being activated off the disabled list, and catching a potential no-hitter was a rare event for him.

"It was fun, a lot of fun," Treanor said. "Honestly, the only other time I was a part of something like that was my first game in the big leagues [with the Marlins]. Dontrelle Willis threw 6 2/3 perfect innings, although we ended up losing, 2-1. That will be memorable because it was my first game in the big leagues, but last night, I will remember that for a long time."