Rangers would have welcomed Manny

Rangers would have welcomed Manny

ARLINGTON -- The fact that the Rangers put in a waiver claim on Dodgers outfielder Manny Ramirez did not cause much of a ripple in the clubhouse.

That the Rangers were willing to pick up the remaining $4 million on his salary does reinforce the aggressiveness the new ownership is showing in pursuit of on-field success. But the Rangers aren't getting Ramirez.

The Chicago White Sox also claimed Ramirez and, since they have a worse record than the Rangers, they were awarded him on Friday afternoon. The Dodgers, who put Ramirez on waivers earlier this week, have until Tuesday to pull him back off waivers, work out a trade with the White Sox or simply let them have him.

"I'm sure he'll help the White Sox," third baseman Michael Young said. "He's one of the best right-handed hitters of all-time. He can help someone."

Ramirez is hitting .313 with eight home runs and 40 RBIs in 64 games and 195 at-bats this seaon. He has a .407 on-base percentage and a .513 slugging percentage. But he is also 38, questionable defensively and has been on the disabled list three different times this season.

"Interesting ... it really is," veteran reliever Darren Oliver said. "If we got the Manny Ramirez of old, it would have been great. But we didn't get him, so it's just speculation."

Ramirez also brings a reputation for being high maintenance as a teammate and a player. But that probably wouldn't have been an issue with the Rangers.

"We would have welcomed him with open arms," Young said. "We don't have to worry about that because he's not here. But if he had come, we would have done the same thing we have done all year. We would have welcomed our new teammate with open arms."