Holland one possibility for playoff roster

Holland one possibility for playoff roster

ARLINGTON -- Derek Holland was promoted to the Rangers on Saturday, and if he is still with them Tuesday, he will be eligible to be on the postseason roster.

That will be another factor to consider in what will eventually be an intriguing situation for the final spot on the postseason roster.

It all will revolve around the fifth spot in the rotation and why the Rangers could bring outfielder Willy Taveras to the big leagues in the next few days.

The Rangers use a five-man rotation during the regular season but likely would use a four-man rotation if they reach the playoffs. The question is what to do with the fifth-starter spot on the roster in playoffs.

There are two choices: go with an extra reliever in the bullpen or an extra bench player.

The extra reliever could be one of the five starters -- most likely Rich Harden -- or it could be Scott Feldman or Dustin Nippert. Both are on the 15-day disabled list. Going with Holland would give the Rangers four left-handed relievers.

If the Rangers go with the extra bench player, Taveras might be the right choice. The primary role of a fifth player off the bench would be a late-inning pinch-runner, and Taveras has 195 stolen bases at the Major League level. The Rangers signed him to a Minor League contract this month, and he is at Triple-A Oklahoma City. Esteban German is another possibility.

To be eligible for the postseason, a player has to be on the 25-man roster or the disabled list on Aug. 31.