Deer and claw T-shirts coming soon

Deer and claw T-shirts coming soon

ARLINGTON -- The deer and the claw are coming to a store near you.

The blue T-shirt that has the claw on the front and the deer on the back will be made available to fans hopefully by mid-September. These are the T-shirts the Rangers have been wearing this summer that signify their two celebratory gestures.

Fans can pre-order the T-shirt at the Majestic Grand Slam Gift Shop at The Ballpark in Arlington or at the Rangers stores in downtown Fort Worth or Dallas. The shirts will be available from sizes small to XXL and will sell for $26. A foam claw will also be available for $9 at some point.

"We don't have them in stock yet but we are hoping by mid-September," Rangers vice president John Blake said.

The claw is a long-distance high-five that players give each other after doing something good during a game. It was first devised by Esteban German in the Minor Leagues and brought to the Rangers by Nelson Cruz.

The "deer wave" is given when a player does something special that requires him to utilize his speed.