Rangers' staff on pace to shatter 'K' record

Rangers' staff on pace to shatter 'K' record

TORONTO -- Sometimes in sport, a team can accomplish a feat without intending to do so. In regards to the Rangers' pitching staff racking up strikeouts, this has undoubtedly been the case.

The Rangers have recorded 1,020 strikeouts following Thursday's 4-2 win over the Blue Jays. With 34 games of 10 or more strikeouts this season -- second only to Boston in the American League -- and a strikeout rate of well over seven per game, the Rangers appear to be on the fast track to shattering their previous club record of 1,112.

Pitching coach Mike Maddux said the majority of these punchouts are not by design, but are more so a byproduct of the pitch-to-contact philosophy.

"I preach early outs," Maddux said. "Everybody pitches to contact.

"We have some guys that have swing-and-a-miss stuff, where they swing and miss a pitch, per say. But nobody goes out there trying to strike everybody out. A perfect inning is three pitches, three outs."

Twenty-three-year old Derek Holland, who recorded eight strikeouts against the Jays on Wednesday, was in complete agreement.

"We have those talents," Holland said. "We don't try and think about that. We try to do what we can to get out of the inning and get the outs. Doesn't always have to be a strikeout."