Hamilton no better after attempting swings

Hamilton no better after attempting swings

ARLINGTON -- Outfielder Josh Hamilton, who hasn't played since Sept. 4 because of a bruised left rib cage, tried to take some swings on Tuesday and didn't get very far.

"He took some swings and felt it a little bit," manager Ron Washington said. "Once he felt it, they shut him down."

Hamilton injured his rib cage when he made a catch in deep right-center against the Twins and then fell into the wall, catching his elbow between that and his rib cage. He has been dealing with the pain since then, but he thought he felt good enough on Tuesday to attempt to swing the bat.

"[It felt] pretty good. I've been trying everything with this thing," Hamilton said. "I've been doing treatment here, chiropractor, acupuncture, hypobaric chamber. I am doing everything I possibly can for it. I came in today to walk a little bit on the treadmill, ran a little bit on the treadmill. I did a leg workout, nothing heavy, just light stuff. It still hurts, but it's tolerable.

"It hurts less when I am swinging and more when I start breathing heavy. So I am trying to focus on breathing through my stomach, expand my ribs less. That's the way you are supposed to breathe anyway."