Borbon unapologetic about bunt vs. Felix

Borbon unapologetic about bunt vs. Felix

SEATTLE -- Rangers outfielder Julio Borbon was unapologetic about trying to bunt for a hit in the sixth inning of Friday's game against the Mariners.

Mariners pitcher Felix Hernandez had a no-hitter going when Borbon came up with one out in the sixth inning. Borbon, who has 13 bunt hits on the year, tried to beat out another one but pushed it almost right at Hernandez and was thrown out easily. The Rangers were trailing 2-0 at the time and the Safeco Field crowd booed Borbon for trying to break up a no-hitter with the bunt.

"What was I supposed to do, let him have it his way?" Borbon said Saturday afternoon. "I realize he was throwing a no-hitter, but I wasn't getting out of my game. If the game was one-sided it might be different, but in a close game like that, it could be a difference-maker.

"I was trying to get it down and get something going. I wasn't worried about the no-hitter. If we were down six, seven eight runs, I'm going to swing the bat. But down 2-0 in the sixth inning, I don't think I was being disrespectful to him or the game or to anybody. I was trying to do something for the team."

Borbon said he didn't hear the crowd booing.

"I must have been zoned out thinking about how bad my bunt was," Borbon said.