Hamilton better, but no ETA for Rangers return

Hamilton better, but no ETA for Rangers return

SEATTLE -- A glimmer of sunshine peeked into Josh Hamilton's life on Sunday as he continues to deal with the bruised right rib cage.

After a week of no progress, he actually woke up feeling better on Sunday.

"It feels a little better today," Hamilton said. "It feels better as far as everyday stuff like rolling over in bed and getting out of bed. This is the first day since I ran and swung a little bit [on Tuesday] that I've started feeling better.

"But it's one of those things that when I start to feel better, if I try to do something, I have a setback."

Hamilton will be examined again on Monday and other treatment may be considered, including a nerve-deadening injection.

"We're going to look at other options," Hamilton said. "I'll let you know tomorrow afternoon. Tomorrow is a big day."

While Hamilton has been out, the Rangers have been going with an outfield of David Murphy in left, Julio Borbon in center and Nelson Cruz in right. When there is a left-hander on the mound, Jeff Francoeur plays right, Cruz moves to left and Murphy starts in center.

The Rangers still expect Hamilton to be ready by the time the playoffs starts. They also know there is a possibility he won't be available. Manager Ron Washington said the Rangers will push forward with or without Hamilton.

"One guy doesn't control baseball," Washington said. "Baseball will continue. The Texas Rangers will continue. We need Josh. But if Josh is not there, we're not going to lie down. We've got some players and we're going to play.

"That means this is a team that survives. We've done it all year and we'll continue. Are we going to use it as an excuse that Josh is not here? That's not going to happen here."