Hamilton forced to sit while Texas struggles

Hamilton forced to sit while Texas struggles

OAKLAND -- Being injured is frustrating for Rangers outfielder Josh Hamilton.

Being injured at a time when his teammates are struggling offensively only makes it that much harder as he tries to recover from two small fractures in his right rib cage.

"Obviously, if I'm playing, I can help them with that," Hamilton said. "But when I can't do anything, and all I can do is encourage them. That's the most frustrating part. All I can do is get fixed and get right as fast as I can. My body will tell me when it's ready."

Hamilton continues to report some improvement in the rib cage area after getting two injections on Monday to help deal with the pain and discomfort. He has had some muscle spasms but otherwise continues to do a little more each day. On Thursday, he did some running in the outfield, beginning in a walk and getting up to about 75 percent speed.

"Every day I'm trying to do a little bit more," Hamilton said.

He still hasn't resumed baseball activities -- including swinging a bat -- but he is still hopeful of getting back in the lineup by the final weekend of the season.

"He's moving better, but until he starts taking batting practice and shagging fly balls, we're not any closer," Washington said.