Rangers meet to discuss postseason roster

Rangers meet to discuss postseason roster

ARLINGTON -- Manager Ron Washington, his coaches and key members of the Rangers' front office met Tuesday to discuss the playoff roster. As expected, with a decision not needed until next Tuesday, it turned into a brainstorming session.

The key discussions centered on pitching and first base. The Rangers have to decide whether to go with 10 or 11 pitchers, and who those pitchers will be. There is also a competition at first base between left-handed hitters Chris Davis and Mitch Moreland -- one of them will share the position with Jorge Cantu in the playoffs.

Washington said everyone in the meeting was pretty much in agreement on the key issues, and while there is an idea of what the postseason roster will look like, nothing is finalized yet.

"Everybody's more or less right there," Washington said. "There's always going to be a few guys going one way and a few guys going one way. When we finally put it together, I don't think it will be a problem. It's nice to hear opinions."

Washington said most of the time was spent on pitching, but everyone did have an opinion on first base. And the manager made it clear that Davis, who struggled with two strikeouts in Monday's loss, and Moreland, who had been slumping before hitting two home runs on Sunday in Oakland, are in a competition in these final six games of the regular season.

"We're going to let this thing play out," Washington said. "We don't have to make a decision yet. As we get closer to the weekend, we'll be able to give you'll something final.

"A few things can still be won in the next few days."