Healthy Hamilton eager for ALDS

Healthy Hamilton eager for ALDS

ARLINGTON -- Josh Hamilton said on Saturday that he came out of Friday's night first game back from a rib cage injury feeling confident that everything is a go for next week's American League Division Series.

Hamilton, who played six innings in center field, went 0-for-3 against Los Angeles Angels starter Jered Weaver and survived a fall, not a dive, in the outfield.

"It's clarification that everything is going to be all right," Hamilton said. "I'm a lot less sore than I thought I was going to be.

"I felt everything was a good test. If you want to call that a mental boost, then I guess you could say that."

Hamilton, who had been sidelined since Sept. 4 with two small fractures in his right rib cage, was slated to be the designated hitter for Saturday's game. He'll play nine innings in left field in Sunday's season finale.

Hamilton said he will continue to wear padding on his ribs to protect himself if he falls down, runs into a wall or gets hit by a pitch.