Washington embraces Claw, Antlers craze

Washington embraces Claw, Antlers craze

ARLINGTON -- Walk around the Ballpark in Arlington on Saturday and it's easy to see the Claw and Antlers craze taking off with Rangers fans. Many wore the T-shirt while attending Game 3 of the American League Division Series.

But the players and manager Ron Washington are also getting into it as well.

"I embraced it right away," third baseman Michael Young said. "We didn't think it would take on a life of its own so far, with grandpas and grandkids doing it. But amongst us players, it was something we did pretty much in Spring Training. It started out small, it started in BP in Spring Training on the back fields.

"And we started doing it in games and fans got a hold of it and it took on a life of its own. It is a small way for us show some camaraderie, show some support."

The Claw is a long-distance high five between players. The "Antlers" sign is given when a player does something special with his speed. Now they have become signature gestures for the Rangers.

"My honest opinion when it started, it's nice for something those guys could have fun with," Washington said. "I never had a negative thought about it. Whatever it takes to relax them, whatever it takes for them to perform better, I am all for it.

"That's what they did, that's what they started, they had fun with it and it seems to make everybody seems part of everything. In game of baseball people came up with all kinds of things. I never thought it was something show somebody up. Tampa Bay has blue plaid jackets they wear. I have my T-shirt and Antlers."