Rangers' Kirkman makes most of playoff debut

Rangers' Kirkman makes most of playoff debut

NEW YORK -- Rangers pitcher Michael Kirkman had a busy afternoon during Game 5 of the American League Championship Series on Wednesday. He warmed up no fewer than five times early in the game while C.J. Wilson was struggling. But the work wasn't wasted.

Kirkman, who was added to the roster for the ALCS, ended up getting in the game and made his first playoff appearance with two scoreless innings.

"It was everything I dreamed of, watching this game on national television as a kid and watching it last year," Kirkman said. "It was a great experience."

Kirkman allowed one hit and walked two while striking out one. He wasn't completely happy with the outing -- he threw 50 pitches over two innings -- but it was his first appearance in a game since Oct. 1.

"I couldn't get the ball down," Kirkman said. "Too many pitches. It may have been nerves or it may have been mechanical. You still have to make pitches, whether it's today or Opening Day."