Texas' latest celebrity -- Ron Washington

ARLINGTON -- Rangers manager Ron Washington is becoming a cult personality. First there was a report of a child planning to dress up as Washington for Halloween.

Now there is a T-shirt being sold that has Washington's hair, glasses and mustache printed on the front. On the back is the saying, "That's the way baseball go."

Washington is amused and flattered by the attention.

"That's awesome," Washington said. "It's usually celebrities they want to imitate. It's nice that they're watching the ballgame and want to imitate the manager. Who wants to imitate a manager? I wouldn't think that's the glamour job on the baseball field. It's the players."

Washington will get one extra job next year. Because the Rangers won the American League pennant, Washington will be the AL manager at the All-Star Game next year in Arizona.

"That's awesome, too," Washington said. "Jim Leyland gave me the opportunity to be a part of the [2007] All-Star Game, and now I get to return the favor to somebody else."