Rangers' Feliz not being saved just for saves

Rangers' Feliz not being saved just for saves

ARLINGTON -- The Rangers' series with the Red Sox reaffirmed one thing. Manager Ron Washington is not going to wait for an official save situation to use closer Neftali Feliz.

Feliz pitched twice in the series and both times were with a four-run lead. That falls outside the three-run lead maximum for a ninth-inning save situation, but Washington didn't care about that, especially against the Red Sox.

"I'm trying to win a ballgame," Washington said. "I don't want all hell to break loose and can't stop it. I'm trying to win a game and it's against the Boston Red Sox. I'm trying to say: 'You ain't coming back. Get that out of your mind.'"

Feliz pitched in 70 games last season; only 43 were save opportunities. Some were tie games but others were with leads that did not qualify as save situations.

"The only thing I want to do is help my team win," Feliz said. "Even if it's not a save situation, I've still got to get people out and do the best I can."

Maybe if his offense didn't score as many runs.

"No, no, no," Feliz said. "I want them to keep hitting because we need to be winning. It doesn't matter if it's a save situation."