Moreland, Borbon thinking of tornado victims

Moreland, Borbon thinking of tornado victims

ARLINGTON -- The storm that sent dozens of tornadoes ripping through the South touched home for a couple of Rangers.

Mitch Moreland is from Amory, Miss., and his parents lost power for three or four days when the local power plant was hit. He also had family friends from Smithville, Miss., whose houses were completely wiped out by the storm. But, from what he's heard, everybody is OK.

"The town probably five minutes from where I grew up got hit pretty hard, but everybody is OK as far as I know," Moreland said. "I know my mom and pop were without power for three or four days, but they're doing OK."

Julio Borbon went to college at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville, and still has several friends living in the area. He said everyone he talked with was able to evacuate.

"I talked to a couple of people and they're doing OK, they were able to get out of the area," Borbon said. "Things don't look too good with all that went down, but my friends down there said they're doing OK and said their families are doing OK."