Pain-free, Hamilton could return in 2-3 weeks

Pain-free, Hamilton could return in 2-3 weeks

ARLINGTON -- Josh Hamilton took 125 swings with a fungo bat on Friday afternoon, and he said afterward that all of his strength is back and he hasn't had any pain. Hamilton appears to be a little bit ahead of schedule, saying Friday that he could return in two or three weeks.

The Rangers' offense could use the boost from the 2010 American League Most Valuable Player, who has been out since April 13 with a non-displaced fractured right humerus bone.

"Each day I come back, I want to be sore from doing exercises and things like that with no pain [in the arm], and that's what it's been so far," Hamilton said. "I've been throwing to bases. I've been running the bases, throwing long toss, swinging the bat."

Hamilton swung with just his backhand off a tee, just his front hand off a tee and did front-toss fungo with both hands. He said the biggest thing is letting the bone heal.

"That's what's holding me back," Hamilton said.

He's running, throwing and hitting without pain.

Hamilton said he was planning on using a regular bat on his final swings Friday, but team doctor Keith Meister said to wait a couple of days.

"Dr. Meister said everything is a pain tolerance -- if it doesn't hurt, do it," Hamilton said.