Wilson gets in some batting practice

Wilson gets in some batting practice

Wilson gets in some batting practice
NEW YORK -- C.J. Wilson was out taking batting practice with the other starting pitchers early Wednesday afternoon at Yankee Stadium. Wilson won't pitch in Atlanta this weekend, but he is scheduled to pitch in Houston later this month and will get a chance to hit.

Wilson loves to hit, and he parked one into the second deck at Yankee Stadium on Wednesday.

"It's a great stadium for offense," Wilson said. "Nobody is disputing that, especially left-handed pull hitters."

Wilson is a left-handed hitter. He was an outfielder in college and offered to play outfield for the Rangers in 2004 when he missed a full season because of Tommy John elbow reconstruction surgery.

"I saw Rick Ankiel bat in 2001, and I felt that if he was good at that, I brought a lot of things to the table, too," Wilson said.

The Rangers declined the offer, but Wilson has never lost his love of hitting. He looks forward to Interleague Play -- both in Spring Training and the regular season -- because of the chance to swing the bat. The question is if his love for hitting will push him to sign with a National League team this offseason as a free agent.

"I'm not going to answer that question," Wilson said. "It's the 15th of June, there is a lot of baseball left this season. I'm not thinking about that. ... Well, it does cross your mind. Hitting is fun, and it's easier to pitch in the National League because your facing the pitcher.

"We have lineups where Mitch Moreland is hitting eighth or ninth. Are you kidding? The guy can hit the ball 500 feet. [The National League] is more involved. The manager is more involved. The bench players get more action."