Hamilton gets new contacts

Hamilton gets new contacts

ARLINGTON -- Josh Hamilton took batting practice on Friday wearing contact lenses. The new lenses gave a red tint to his eyes, and Hamilton is hoping they will help reduce the brightness that causes him some problems during day games.

"I have never worn contact lenses in my life, but I would like to be able to see the ball in the daylight," Hamilton said. "I'm trying every means possible, because I care and I want to be out there and I don't want to stink during the day."

Hamilton went into Friday night's game against the Mets hitting .376 with a .415 on-base percentage and a .661 slugging percentage at night. He was hitting .122 with a .246 on-base percentage and a .184 slugging percentage during day games.

Last year, during his MVP season, he hit .384 with a .688 slugging percentage at night and .286 with a .474 slugging percentage during the day.

"I talked to the medical staff and told them to figure out something that would help me," Hamilton said.

The Rangers have day games on both Saturday and Sunday against the Mets. Hamilton is expected to start in both games. He said after batting practice Friday that the contact lenses do seem to help, and he will try them on Saturday.