Mailbag: All-Star Game on horizon?

Mailbag: All-Star Game on horizon?

Time for me to answer some questions and for you to offer your own opinions on Monday Morning Manager, now playing at Postcards from Elysian Fields.

I know it has been since 1995 that Arlington hosted the All-Star Game. When and how is that determined and is there any hope of landing the game at Rangers Ballpark in Arlington in the near future, possibly once Cowboys Stadium and Glory Park open?
-- Turner T., Austin, Texas

The site of the All-Star Game is selected by the Commissioner's Office and is supposed to rotate year to year by league although an exception was made when Pittsburgh and San Francisco went back to back for the National League in 2006-07.

Since the Rangers hosted the game, it has been held in the American League cities of Cleveland (1997), Boston (1999), Seattle (2001), Chicago (2003) and Detroit (2005). Yankee Stadium gets it in 2008.

That leaves seven cities that are theoretically in line in front of the Rangers: Anaheim, Oakland, Kansas City, Minnesota, Tampa Bay, Toronto and Baltimore ... not necessarily in that order. But if the Rangers have to wait for those seven cities, then they will not get the All-Star Game back until 2024.

But they don't necessarily take turns. Kansas City hasn't had the game since 1973, and Seattle, Chicago and Cleveland have all hosted it twice since then, as will Yankee Stadium next year. Not sure anybody is rushing to have the game in Minnesota, Tampa Bay or Toronto, but baseball does like to showcase new stadiums.

The Yankees are getting the game in 2008 as a final hurrah to the old stadium, but it's doubtful they wait until after 2024 to have an All-Star Game at the new park.

My dad and I were listening to the game last night against the Orioles and we are about fed up with C.J. Wilson. I get nervous when we have a close lead and he comes in. What do the Rangers see in him?
-- Senna N., Allen, Texas

They see a 26-year-old left-hander who can throw 93-94 mph with terrific secondary pitches, good makeup and pitching intelligence. His 8.16 strikeouts per nine innings is the second highest on the staff, and his 6.28 hits per nine innings is the second lowest.

But 4.60 walks per nine innings is too high. He needs to "pound" the strike zone more to earn the trust of his bosses for a more prominent role. Still, this guy is a tremendous talent. I think he should be built up to a starting pitcher. He is definitely not somebody the Rangers should let get away.

It seems the rumors of Mark Teixeira to the Dodgers have cooled off due to the hot bat of [James] Loney, but the Braves could be another good fit. What does Atlanta have as far as pitching to offer the Rangers?
-- Jim S., Birmingham, Ala.

The two most obvious candidates are left-hander Jo-Jo Reyes, who is 23, and right-hander Joey Devine, who is a hard-throwing reliever. They have some interesting position players in the Minor Leagues, including third baseman Eric Campbell and outfielder Brandon Jones. The Rangers really need Reyes.

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I have one. How about Teixeira to the Orioles for Nick Markakis and Erik Bedard?
-- Chris. G., Saginaw, Texas

The trade definitely favors the Rangers, probably too much for the Orioles to do it. Bedard, when the season is over, will have two years to go before free agency, and Markakis will have four years left. Teixeira is from Baltimore and maybe the Orioles think they can sign him long-term. Personally I have serious doubts.

Why not trade Teixeira to the Dodgers for Chad Billingsley, Loney, Matt Kemp or Andre Ethier or just two of any of these players?
-- Mark V., Fort Worth, Texas

The Dodgers love Teixeira but are focused right now on upgrading their pitching. The Dodgers have a great collection of young talent, and Loney is playing well, so I'm not sure how motivated they are to pursue Teixeira at this point.

What do you think about the idea of trading Teixeira to Detroit for Andrew Miller and Magglio Ordonez or Brandon Inge? Miller is a hot young pitcher who reminds me of a young Randy Johnson, and we all know how he turned out.
-- Chris J., Norman, Okla.

The Tigers have made it clear that they will not give up Miller. But it's an interesting thought. With the rest of their talent, to have Teixeira for this year and next year with a clear chance to win one or two World Series might just be worth giving up Miller. The Tigers are really close.

Do you think trading Teixeira for Phillip Hughes of the Yankees would be a good trade?
-- James H., Forney, Texas

The Rangers like Hughes and Joba Chamberlain, a big-time right-handed power pitcher currently in Double-A. The Yankees are resisting trading their young pitching, but those are the kind of big-time arms the Rangers want for Teixeira.

What about a trade with the Pittsburgh Pirates involving Teixeira and Edinson Volquez for Tom Gorzelanny? He's a great young pitcher.
-- Jeff J., Flower Mound, Texas

I like Gorzelanny, too, but the Pirates have regressed this year and have a ways to go before they're contenders again. Hard to see them wanting Teixeira at this point.

Wasn't Frank Catalanotto originally a second baseman? Why don't the Rangers use him as their starting second baseman until Ian Kinsler is off the DL, and play Brad Wilkerson in left field?
-- David B., Arlington

Catalanotto has not played second base since 2002 for the Rangers, and they did not play him there in Spring Training. His time as a middle infielder has long passed.

I keep hearing that the Rangers might be willing to part with Eric Gagne and Akinori Otsuka. Are there any closers in the Minors that might take their place?
-- Leroy K., Arlington

No. But closers sometimes come from unexpected sources. Gagne was 6-7 with a 4.75 ERA in 24 starts for the Dodgers in 2001. The next year he saved 52 games. The Rangers could close with Joaquin Benoit or Frank Francisco next year, or they could convert one of their starters. Vicente Padilla's name has been mentioned in internal discussions.

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