Washington stands by Holland

Washington stands by Holland

Washington stands by Holland
ARLINGTON -- Rangers manager Ron Washington said on Wednesday there are no internal discussion about moving Derek Holland out of the starting rotation.

Washington said that no matter what Thursday's start against the Athletics holds, Holland will stay in the rotation.

"No, not that we've discussed," Washington said. "That's not a conversation we've had."

Holland, who struggled in his last start, has been inconsistent all season. He pitched a shutout on June 4 against Cleveland, but has not turned in a quality start since then.

Holland is known for having some of the best pitches of any Rangers starter, but he struggles with location.

"When he's good, he's good," Washington said. "I don't know when exactly he'll start being consistent. But when he's good, he's good. We're not going to give up on him."

Holland has been a Major Leaguer for parts of the last three seasons, since he was a ripe 22-year-old. While he is a familiar face to Rangers fans, it is possible that he is not done learning how to harness his electric stuff.

"You've got to understand that in this game there are what you call late bloomers," Washington said. "He has a ton of talent, and you don't give up on talent. He's only 25. He's still got a lot of time to get it together. He came up here at a very young age, maybe when he shouldn't have been here, and he's still learning."

Washington says that Holland clearly has the pitching repertoire to play in the Major Leagues, but at this point lacks the confidence.

"What I'm doing as the manager is trying to show confidence," Washington said. "Hopefully, he gains confidence by me showing confidence in him. When that no longer happens, then an authority way above me makes that decision."