Ogando could be added to AL squad

Ogando could be added to AL squad

Ogando could be added to AL squad
ARLINGTON -- Alexi Ogando appears to be in a strong position to be added to the American League All-Star team by some point either on Sunday or Monday.

Ogando is expected to be high on the list of replacement pitchers who could be called upon if others drop out of the game, and there is a high possibility of that happening.

The American League pitching staff could take a big hit on Sunday. Justin Verlander, Felix Hernandez and James Shields -- three members of the AL All-Star team -- are all supposed to pitch that day. If they do, that automatically removes them from being able to pitch in the All-Star Game.

If any pitcher drops out, he will automatically be replaced by the next highest vote-getter. But the American League may be going deep into that list. That's what happened in the bullpen on Thursday, when Mariano Rivera dropped out of the All-Star Game and was replaced by Jordan Walden of the Angels.

The results of the players' voting remains a secret as to who is next on the list, but a number of factors work in Ogando's favor. In addition to the five starters voted on by the players, manager Ron Washington added C.J. Wilson, David Price and Gio Gonzalez, so they are already on the team.

Jon Lester, who would have been a possible candidate, is on the disabled list, and C.C. Sabathia, Trevor Cahill and Dan Haren are all scheduled to pitch on Sunday. All of them could have finished high in the voting.

"The replacement list is pretty thick," Washington said. "The AL has got some pitching. We'll just have to wait and see what happens."