Blanco's condition revealed as bone bruise

Blanco's condition revealed as bone bruise

ARLINGTON -- Rangers infielder Andres Blanco elaborated on Saturday about the stress reaction that forced him to the disabled list on Friday, saying that the doctors actually found a bone bruise when they checked up on him.

Blanco said the back pain had been bothering him for roughly a week, but he did not know what he did to instigate it.

"I might have done something wrong. I didn't realize when or how, but it started bothering me so bad," Blanco said. "We checked with the doctor, we took the pictures and saw a bone bruise."

Blanco started three out of four games from June 28 to July 1 and said that is when the pain first started.

Blanco said the DL trip is in order to give him rest, but that only swinging a bat irritates the injury. There was no issue for Blanco fielding, throwing or sprinting.