Washington: Schedule not reason for Texas run

Washington: Schedule not reason for Texas run

ANAHEIM -- The Rangers' 12-game winning streak has caught national attention, but it is also being pointed out who they have been playing. The first 11 wins came against the Orioles, Athletics and Mariners, teams with three of the four worst records in the American League.

"All the other clubs -- Boston, New York -- they're playing the same teams," Rangers manager Ron Washington said. "Did they sweep them? I don't know. But when you're playing good baseball, it doesn't matter. If you want the opportunity to play in the postseason, you've got to play well in the division.

"I'll take the way we're playing baseball. If we play that way against anybody, we'll beat them. Maybe not 12 in a row, but we'll beat them."

The Rangers have pitched well in this stretch, especially against the Mariners and Athletics. Those two are last in the AL in hitting and runs scored. But the Rangers are also hitting .321 with a .549 slugging percentage and 6.4 runs per game during the streak. Their three division foes may be struggling offensively, but they remain the top three in the league in team ERA. The Rangers have also committed just three errors during the streak. Quality of opposition rarely has something to do with how well a team is playing defense.

"If we play good baseball, we're going to win more than we lose," Washington said. "If we lose playing good baseball, that means the other team played better than we did. I can live with that. I just want us to play good baseball."