Ryan has no plans to lighten his workload

Ryan has no plans to lighten his workload

Ryan has no plans to lighten his workload
ARLINGTON -- Rangers CEO Nolan Ryan spoke with the media on Friday for the first time since being released from the hospital on Tuesday morning.

Ryan had been hospitalized in Houston on Sunday after experiencing discomfort in his chest.

"I've been living with this condition since 2000, so it's something I live with now," Ryan said. "Normally when I have an incident of this nature, I take nitroglycerin pills and that relieves it, and this time it didn't. So, my cardiologist was obviously concerned about that, and that's why he wanted me to come in and run all the tests."

Ryan said it was not the only time his condition has caused him trouble, but it was the only time that it required help from a doctor.

"It varies all the way from having classic heart-attack symptoms to just chest discomfort or tightness," Ryan said. "It varies based on the magnitude, I guess."

On Monday, doctors administered a series of tests to Ryan that indicated that the discomfort was nothing more than a recurrence of his previous heart condition.

The condition will continue to be monitored and treated with medicine.

"I look at it on the bright side, because last test I had was in 2007 and it was pretty much identical, so nothing had changed in four years," Ryan said. "That's a big plus."

Even though Ryan said doctors would probably like for him to lighten his workload somewhat, he has no intention of doing that.

"He pretty well knows me," Ryan said. "Obviously, I think he would prefer that idea, but he didn't come out and tell me that I need to change my lifestyle or something."

Louie Horvath is an associate reporter for MLB.com. This story was not subject to the approval of Major League Baseball or its clubs.