Washington fined due to comments on ump

Washington fined due to comments on ump

Washington fined due to comments on ump
ARLINGTON -- Rangers manager Ron Washington said on Friday that he received a letter from Major League Baseball notifying him of the fine he accrued as a result of his ejection by first-base umpire Angel Hernandez on July 3 and his postgame comments, which were critical of the umpire.

Much to Washington's chagrin, it was higher than he expected.

Washington said that the fine amount "wasn't nice."

"I knew it was coming," he said. "I think somebody asked me, 'You think you're going to get something for what you said?' I knew it. I thought they might go light on me, but they didn't."

Following the game from which Washington and first-base coach Gary Pettis were ejected after arguing with Hernandez about a play in which they thought a balk should have been called, Washington said, "[Pettis] didn't [erupt]. Angel is just bad. That's all there is to it."

Coincidentally, Hernandez and his crew chief at the time, Joe West, were split up during the All-Star break, with Hernandez joining a new unit. While Washington said he had heard the news, he declined to comment.

Washington still felt his actions on that day were justified.

"Yeah, it was worth it," Washington said. "But I've learned my lesson. I'll keep my mouth shut about umpires. I'll just keep it to myself."