Holland getting message out about texting and driving

Holland getting message out about texting and driving

ARLINGTON -- Derek Holland admits that he is as guilty as anybody. That's why he has joined the Arlington Fire and Police Departments in spreading the "Don't Text and Drive" message.

"I just want to get the message out about how serious it is," Holland said on Tuesday. "You see it day after day -- people not paying attention because they're texting."

Holland has done a public service announcement with Arlington Police Department chief Theron Bowman on the dangers of driving while texting. Fans can visit texasrangers.com/text and pledge not to text and drive.

"On a daily basis, the Arlington Police Department works accidents that could have prevented, and the majority are caused by distracted drivers," Bowman said.

"It's critical to our community's safety," said Arlington fire chief Don Crowson. "The consequences of drivers texting and driving are as serious as drinking and driving. Bringing the issue to the forefront is the key."

All fans who pledge to not text and drive will be automatically entered into a drawing to win a baseball autographed by Holland that will be awarded at the end of September. Fans can also download a printable "Keep Your Thumbs on the Wheel" tag, suitable for hanging on a rearview mirror.

"I was guilty of not paying attention," Holland said. "I had a fender-bender when I was called up from Oklahoma City last year. I bumped into somebody, and then somebody hit me. We were going through a construction zone. Fortunately, nobody got hurt."