Heat will be on when Rangers return home

Heat will be on when Rangers return home

Heat will be on when Rangers return home
DETROIT -- The Rangers return home to Arlington on Friday and they will arrive smack into the middle of a heat wave. The high for Friday and Saturday is currently listed at 110 degrees. On Sunday, it's 109.

Rangers pitcher Derek Holland gets first crack at it. He is scheduled to pitch on Friday against the Indians.

"I'm not worried about it," Holland said. "The other guy has to pitch in it like I do. You can't let something like that distract you. You have to keep your focus."

Rangers manager Ron Washington tried to limit his players' exposure to the heat on the last homestand by letting the club do its pregame work indoors, including batting practice in the cages.

He may change that around on this homestand.

"We may go out and see what we can do in the heat," Washington said. "Last time, I kept them out of it. This time, we're going to spend some time in it and just try to get a feel for it. Instead of an hour, we may stay out for 40 minutes. Instead of the groups hitting for 15 minutes, they may hit for 10."

Washington takes his turn throwing batting practice and hitting fungoes. He will be out there with the rest of them.

"I'll be out in the heat," Washington said. "The only time I get my exercise is throwing BP and hitting fungoes."