Andrus has wild night on defense, basepaths

Andrus has wild night on defense, basepaths

ANAHEIM -- Rangers shortstop Elvis Andrus had an interesting night on Tuesday. He made two terrific plays in the field but also had some trouble rounding second base. He twice slipped and tumbled to the ground while going around the bag.

"There was some guy in the rocks out in center field who was a sniper shooting at me," Andrus said.

Andrus fell going from first to third on a double by Josh Hamilton in the first and again on his sixth-inning single. Both times the Angels couldn't take advantage of it.

"The first time the area was still wet and I slipped," Andrus said. "The second one I took one step off the bag and my spikes caught. I think my shoes are worn and about to die."

They were good enough on defense. In the fourth, he made a backhanded stab of Bobby Abreu's ground ball, leaped into the air and made a strong throw to first to get the out. In the seventh, with Abreu on first and nobody out, Andrus made a terrific backhanded snatch of Torii Hunter's one-hop smash, then made a reverse pivot and a backhanded flip to second baseman Ian Kinsler. The Rangers got the out at second, but the ball slipped out of Kinsler's hand as he tried to throw to first, missing out on a chance for a double play.

"Outstanding," manager Ron Washington said. "It's just too bad they couldn't have completed the double play."