Off-day might lead to rotation shuffle for Rangers

Off-day might lead to rotation shuffle for Rangers

ARLINGTON -- Manager Ron Washington said club officials will meet on Sunday and discuss whether they want to use Monday's off-day to alter their rotation. The Rangers normally use an off-day to give their starters an extra day of rest.

The Rangers are mulling other options. They could use the off-day to skip somebody or push somebody back in the rotation. Matt Harrison could be the one this time around. He pitched on Wednesday, and his turn would fall on the off-day. He could be pushed back as far as Sept. 3 if the Rangers desired.

"We're talking about a lot of things, but we haven't come up with a plan yet," Washington said.

The Rangers have four off-days between now and the end of the season. Washington said they have also discussed the possibility of using a sixth "spot starter" to give people extra rest, but he doesn't want his pitchers talking about "fatigue" or being tired.

"Everybody is playing with something at this time of the year," Washington said. "Everybody has some kind of fatigue. It's not something to talk about. If it becomes part of your mindset, then you're in trouble."